About Us

Whilst traveling abroad to the Dead Sea in Jordan Venü beauty co-founder was miles from home when, after a routine Dead Sea mud treatment made him feel super good, he mentioned that he would like to bring this powerful product and treatment for other people to experience and enjoy as he witnessed and felt the transformation of his instantly revitalized and nourished skin, going from wrinkly to shiny and smooth. He went on a mission to share the magic of this Dead Sea mud mask treatment with humans across the globe.

What began as a single, revolutionary product in the beauty industry, has grown into a full line of different Health and Beauty Products, all infused with nourishing, Organic and Natural productswhich is a signature to our brand. Dedicated to providing the highest quality Health and Beauty products, Venü beauty has grown into a high end beauty brand in a short time.

Venü beauty is the leader in the well known category of Health and Beauty. our signature product the Dead Sea Mud Mask, is the perfect foundation for a refreshingly clean and nourished face. complete with both Natural Minerals and Salt from the Dead Sea.

  • – High quality, intelligently sourced ingredients
  • – Unmatched results
  • – Ultimate entire body health and beauty